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Posted: 12/27/2022

Job Summary

Employee is responsible for the provision of semi-skilled manual work in the maintenance, construction, and repair of City property (streets, sidewalks, grounds, parks, and trees) and the completion of a wide range of public works projects. Employee is required to perform all similar or related duties. This position class is common to several of the City's departments where the duties are of similar complexity and responsibility, but where the actual work tasks may be somewhat different. The term "may" be used to allow for individual position differences and should be taken to mean, "May not" as well.

Essential Job Functions

Maintain regular and prompt attendance; physically present to work

Operates department equipment and vehicle such as a riding mower, lawn mower, and hand tools in the completion of a wide range of manual labor projects such as brush cutting, patching potholes, grass mowing, trimming trees, construction and

Uses a variety of hand tools such as shovels, weed eaters, and chainsaws to dig trenches, cut grass, clean sidewalks, cleans and removes debris from City rights-of-way and alleyways and performs public works related tasks around trees, wires, cars, and personal property and fellow workers.

May assist the Parks & Recreation Department with the maintenance of City parks and Cemetery, which include trimming of trees and grass mowing and also assist with the setup for special events.

Performs routine maintenance of assigned equipment and trucks.

Operates equipment such as small compactors, shovels, pinch point bar, and walk behind saw to perform pothole patching and street paving projects.

Employee may be assigned other duties in addition to those listed; duties may change according to the changing needs of the city.

Assists with the completion of small concrete work projects such as sidewalks and curb side repairs.

Performs other similar or related duties as assigned

Employee may be required to work beyond normal business hours at night and/or on weekends.

Minimum Qualifications & Requirements

High School diploma, GED, or equivalent work-related experience

Applicant must pass pre-employment background check and drug screen at City's expense.

Applicant must have a current valid class "C" driver's license and be insurable.

Must successfully complete Emergency Management and Incident Command Training within first three months upon hire.

Bilingual English/Spanish Preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Safe and effective operation of hand tools, tractor mowers, and light equipment.

Proficient motor skills to operate motor vehicles, tools, and light equipment in an efficient and safe manner.

Ability to follow directions and to perform work under extreme weather conditions for long periods of time. Ability to interact effectively with co-workers. Ability to recognize unsafe working conditions to ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken to ensure employee safety. Ability to carry out duties in busy, public congested areas.

Working Conditions/Physical Demands

Work requires moderate intermittent physical strength and effort daily. Work includes lifting, moving, and positioning/loading heavy objects (up to 100 lbs.), pulling, pushing, remain stationary or move about for the full workday may also be involved. Driving in adverse weather troublesome road conditions may be required.

Employee must have the ability to make good judgment when making decisions regarding their regular job duties and be able to have the following mental functions, reading, simple math calculations, and withstanding moderate amounts of stress.

Additional Information

ACCOUNTABILITY: Consequences of errors, missed deadlines or poor judgment may include customer relations or significant time loss.

JUDGMENT: Well-defined or detailed rules, instructions, and procedures cover all aspects of work. Judgment involves choosing the appropriate practices, procedures, regulations, or guidelines to apply in each case.

COMPLEXITY: Work consists of simple, routine, or repetitive tasks and/or operations with few variations in established procedures.

SUPERVISION REQUIRED: Clear, detailed, and specific instructions govern the work or are explained with each assignment. Questionable situations are referred to the supervisor. The supervisor reviews the work in progress or upon completion.

NATURE AND PURPOSE OF PERSONAL CONTACTS: Most interactions are with internal co-workers and require ordinary courtesy and tact. Employee interacts with co-workers to give and receive information regarding work. Contacts with the public takes place on an occasional basis.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The nature of duties may involve continuous presence, exposure of unpleasant or irritating elements, such as considerable noise, odors, chemical fumes, dust, smoke, heat, cold, oil, dirt or grease. Work is continually performed outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. Work generally contains one or more constant elements of stress such as being on call for 24 hours or being under prolonged pressure during emergency situations. Mental stress is usually present in the form of being required to weigh completing and concurrent demands under deadline pressures.

MOTOR SKILLS: Duties may involve assignments requiring application of hand and eye coordination with finger dexterity and motor coordination. Examples include operating a motor vehicle, operates a personal computer or ascends / descends a ladder.

OCCUPATIONAL RISKS: Duties generally do not present occupational risk with only occasional exposure to risk or stress. Minor injury could occur, however, through employee failure to properly follow safety precautions or procedures. Examples of injury include minor bruises from falls, minor cuts or burns, or minor muscular strains from lifting or moving/transporting heavy equipment or materials.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Has access to some confidential information obtained during performance of regular position responsibilities.

SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITION: subject to Alcohol and Drug Abuse policy which requires compliance and adherence to consequences should a positive result ever be present.

May from time-to-time work extended hours in the evenings and weekends in response to emergency disasters.


This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so assigned to this position. This job description is subject to change as the needs and requirements of the job change.

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